Adventure Time

Hello beautiful humans,

Long time, no post. I have been away camping! My partner suggested, last week, that we go for a drive down to Victor Harbour and take some time out. It took about two moments for me to agree.

On Saturday morning, we packed up his beautiful van and got ready for the trip down to the beachside town. Once we arrived, we enjoyed a stroll along the beach with my dog – Bella. The beaches surrounding Victor Harbour are absolutely gorgeous; breathtaking even. That evening we prepared our evening meal in the van. Shaun cooked himself an array of vegetables, while I prepared myself my first ever taste of zoodles! I was honestly very happy with my first zoodle-making attempt so I have decided to share my creation with you. Apologies in advance for such an unattractive image but I didn’t have much to work with!



  • 1 large zucchini
  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 spring onions

This is the easiest bit!

  1. Turn the zucchini into delicious ribbons using a spiralizer, or a peeler.
  2. Mash the avocado.
  3. Chop the onion and the tomatoes into whatever sized pieces you desire.
  4. Mix it all together!

I was really quite happy with the flavour of my first ever attempt at zoodles, and I can’t wait to explore what other recipes I can create.

Later that night, we walked out to Granite Island and though we didn’t get to see any penguins, we were lucky enough to hear the beautiful creatures through the dark night. We soon realised that they were making their mating call and that it was coming into breeding season, so the penguin numbers on Granite Island may very well increase, which is incredible to know since the numbers have drastically diminished over recent years.

Sunday brought with it, the most beautiful weather so we spent Sunday further exploring Granite Island, as well as wandering along more of the beautiful beaches in the area. Drinking tea is one of my favourite things to do, whether it is in bed after a long day facing the hustle and bustle life delivers to our door daily, or whilst I am studying away attempting to achieve my dreams and reach my goals, but my favourite tea drinking experience thus far is always with the ocean in view and the two I love dearly by my side. There is no thing more beautiful, in my opinion.


It’s hard to share some of the experiences as a lot of them require a photograph to show their beauty, and I didn’t use my phone much whilst away as I was in desperate need of a break from reality and the expectations of the world. I am sure that you know the beauty of that which swims below the surface of the ocean though – from the fish gliding through the water as if life is but a dream, to the crabs scrabbling along the sand between weeds to grasp at their chance for breakfast as it floats above them. I find that when I stare into the ocean from a jetty, I feel time slow down around me. The world stops for a moment, and I lose myself in the magic of that which is the ocean. I find myself in a world where I can float alongside the carefree fish without a worry in the world.

Granite Islands beauty was absolutely magnificent. On one side of the island, it was quite bare, with spacious areas of nothing but grasses and a sparse sprinkle of trees. The other side of the island was by far my favourite, with it’s enormous trees and spectacular shrubbery. The beauty of nature that this world delivers to us constantly never ceases to amaze me.



I cannot honestly portray how lucky I feel to be right here, right now, living this life. Though I have my fair share, or what seems like a very unfair share at times, of curve balls thrown my way, I am so incredibly blessed to be here on this earth in this very moment surrounded by such delightful beings.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds like a perfect day in such a beautiful location.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. int0theskye says:

      Absolutely incredible! Would recommend it to anyone and everyone!


  2. Adriana Gil says:

    Oh wow! Such a beautiful place!! It seems really chill 🙂


    1. int0theskye says:

      Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be going back, for sure!


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