Creations and Adventures

Good evening lovely creatures,

I come to you tonight to deliver some exciting recipes and an exciting story. I will start off with my recipes for caramel nicecream and hemp milk just to keep you guessing for a while. I can’t possibly share all of my excitement with you at once.

My first recipe is a caramel nicecream. Last year, a beautiful Norwegian girl – Ingrid – moved in with me. She is raw vegan and I learned a lot from her. Ingrid is addicted to peanut butter and dates, as well as bananas (which I think most vegans are!). That date addiction may have rubbed off on me a little and now I love the caramel flavour medjool dates offer. So that is the main aspect of this gloriously sweet, caramel nicecream. Nicecream is also something that Ingrid taught me about and it seems to have become my ‘go-to’ meal, so without further ado, here is my recipe!


For the caramel sauce:

  • 8 medjool dates (diced)
  • warm water to cover dates

For the smoothie bowl:

  • 5 frozen bananas
  • 1/4 cup coconut water
  • 2 tbsp caramel sauce
  • cinnamon (because that is my addiction)


  • chia seeds
  • caramel sauce
  • cacao nibs
  • blueberries
  • mixed berries (you’ll find out why)



  1. Create the caramel sauce by soaking the diced dates in warm water. I did this for about half an hour.
  2. Blend the soaked dates and the soaking water in a high speed blender (I use a Nutri Ninja and use the auto speed button).
  3. Pour into a jar whilst still warm and refrigerate to thicken.
  4. Blend smoothie ingredients adding just enough coconut water to allow the bananas to blend together smoothly without making the consistency too runny otherwise it’ll end up like a normal smoothie bowl.
  5. Scrape into a bowl and top with all of your favourite goodies without forgetting your caramel sauce! I used chia seeds, caramel sauce, cacao nibs, and blueberries. Then after photographing my creation, I poured a load of mixed berries on top because I was in a berry type of mood. Berries also make pretty swirly patterns.


Next up is hemp milk! Now, this was my first ever attempt at making my own milk let alone hemp milk, so there are possibly some things I would change in this recipe and I will definitely update you later this week when I make my second attempt. But here is how I made my first ever hemp milk creation!


  • 1/2 cup hemp seeds
  • 4 cups filtered water


  1. Blend ingredients in a high speed blender. I blended mine for about 2 minutes at a high speed.
    This next step is the fun bit. You can use a milk bag, or create your own as I did. I went to Spotlight and found some Swisse Voile material in a plain white colour, and after washing and rinsing thoroughly, used it just as you would any other milk bag! (It is also easier to clean as there are no seams!)
  2. Use a milk bag (or material) to strain the chunks of hemp seed from the milk by placing the bag in a jug, pouring the milk in, picking up the edges of the bag/material, and squeezing the liquid out.
  3. Feed your leftover hemp bits to maybe dehydrate and make some crackers. I fed mine to my beautiful vegan dog who LOVES hemp seeds!
  4. Pour hemp milk from the jug into a glass bottle and voilá, you have your very own hemp milk!


I think next time I will add a form of flavouring such as cinnamon, soaked dates, maple syrup or vanilla extract, jst to add another level of flavour.

Check out this fantastic video about hemp milk while you’re at it too:

Now for my story! As you all probably have worked out by now, I am so in love with a café called Nutrition Republic. I spend a lot of time there drinking chai and turmeric lattes, studying, and generally enjoying the incredible atmosphere and energy of the people who work there. Today I had The Peruvian earth bowl, and Alana has The French (wo)man, but half way through, we worked out that Alana is a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter, whereas I am a caramel lover so we couldn’t resist switching.


I sent the manager at Nutrition Republic my résumé a couple of weeks ago and today, I went there for lunch with my friend – Alana. Just as I was about to sit down the drink my second delicious chai made with agave, the manager asked me if I wanted to meet the boss, and all of a sudden, I found myself in the middle of an unexpected, but ever so exciting interview. I now have a trial on Wednesday and I don’t think I have ever been so excited for something in my life!


It is now time for me to go an complete my financial assignment for my small business management class so I will bid you farewell, with the promise to keep you updated on Nutrition Republic.

I hope you all have a fantastic day/night wherever you are in the world.

Much love.



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